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STIX Eliquid Giveaway

STIX Eliquid Giveaway – Two 30ml Unicorn Bottles

by Angela Judeon February 25, 2016
STIX Eliquid Giveaway – Two 30ml Unicorn Bottles STIX eliquid wants you to be one of the first 50 vapers to try their new eliquid! STIX is a deliciously sweet strawberry wafer flavored eliquid. Each box contains two 30ml unicorn bottles in 3mg strength. Enter now at the STIX website for your chance to win! The […]

eVic VTC Mini vs. Joyetech Cuboid vs. Wismec Reuleaux RX200 – Vape Versus

by Angela Judeon February 20, 2016
Watch the full eVic VTC Mini vs. Joyetech Cuboid vs. Wismec Reuleaux RX200! – VAPE VERSUS video on the United Vapers Network YouTube channel In this episode of Vape Versus, Joey Kayo looks at the differences between a single battery box mod, the Joyetech eVic VTC-Mini, a dual battery box mod, the Joyetech Cuboid, and […]

SMOK TFV4 vs. Herakles Plus by Sense! – Vape Versus

by Joey Kayoon January 12, 2016
Watch the fullscreen video on the United Vapers Network Channel on Youtube. Transcript from the Video: Today I wanted to take a look at these two popular sub ohm tanks, the Smok TFV4 and the Herakles Plus by Sense. I want to make this quick and concise so that you can decide what’s best for you. […]

Vape Gift Ideas - Vaper Vision

Vape Gift Ideas

by Angela Judeon November 29, 2015
It always feels like the holiday season sneaks up on us and this year is no different. We've put together a few ideas for gifts for the vaper in your life or maybe to reward yourself for kicking the habit. A few notes about our gift ideas: First off, they are in no particular order. We displayed […]
Herakles Plus Review

Herakles Plus Review

by Joey Kayoon November 19, 2015
Watch the Herakles Plus Review on YouTube. The Herakles Plus by Sense The original Herakles was one of my favorite sub-ohm tanks. The new Herakles Plus is even better. What’s Included Included in the box is the tank, a standard kanthal coil rated at 0.4 ohms, a 316L stainless steel coil for temperature controlled devices, […]

Thank You to the Champions of Vaping

by Joey Kayoon September 17, 2015
Special shout out to Stefan Didak, Kari Hess, Greg Conley, SFATA, NOTBlowingSmoke and all of you who called, emailed and wrote letters. You are true supporters of the vape community! THANK YOU!!! Apologize for the bad audio. This was shot on a phone and the video was taken from the live stream on Periscope. Watch […]


Casting Clouds with Cleareyezz – Episode 8 at Vaperev Melrose

by United Vaperson September 17, 2015
This was filmed at Vaperev Melrose for the Vape Social event hosted by United Vapers. Watch it full screen on the United Vapers Network YouTube channel. Subscribe to their channel to be notified of new videos.
Vape Life Documentary Episode 2

Episode 2 of the Vape Life Documentary is Here

by Vaper Visionon August 4, 2015
The second installment of the Vape Life Documentary by United Vapers is now on YouTube. The second episode is about five minutes long and talks about the invention of the electronic cigarette and how vaping devices work. Watch the video in fullscreen on the United Vapers Youtube Channel.   If you missed, the first episode, […]
Gravel Pit by CRFT

Review of Gravel Pit by CRFT

by Taylor Thompsonon July 30, 2015
Above Average
Bottle Design& Label info: (6/10) CRFT’s bottle design is a simple, yet sleek white label with a black banner standing behind the CRFT logo and the font for that logo is characterized in a beautiful, gold lining effect surrounding white letters. Nicotine levels are printed in small, black font towards the bottom of the flavor […]

Clapton Coil

Crazy Coils or Fancy Coils

by Ian (Cleareyezz) Kevlinon July 17, 2015
As human beings we love to challenge ourselves, especially if that means finding a way to overcomplicate something to the point that anyone else would look foolish even attempting it. It’s what we do; we are competitive by nature, which is why cloud blowing makes so much sense. Building coils is a major part of […]
SB-140 Group Photo

SB-140: What You Might Have Missed

by United Vaperson July 13, 2015
The vape community was victorious against SB 140. Here is some behind the scenes info to give you an idea what you might have missed if you weren't there. This might also help out vapers in other states figure out what to do to fight bills in their state. Behind the scenes video is included as well.
Greg Gutfeld Debates Doctor Over E-Cigarettes

Greg Gutfeld Debates Doctor Over E-Cigarettes

by Vaper Visionon July 4, 2015
Here is a link to the original post. Greg Gutfeld has a defended vaping in the past. He himself has quit smoking using e-cigarettes. In the most recent episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show, he debates a doctor over vaping. He has some good comebacks so make sure to check it out. At one point, […]

Herakles Hydra by Sense

Review: Herakles Hydra by Sense

by Joey Kayoon July 3, 2015
The Hydra by Sense Watch the Video Review of the Hydra Tank by Sense on YouTube. The Hydra by Sense The Herakles by Sense was one of my favorite sub-ohm tanks. I gave it the highest rating in the Sub-Ohm Tank Shootout video. Now they've just released what they call the Herakles-Hydra. This is a smaller […]
Lucky 13 by Cafe Racer

Lucky 13 by Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

by Angela Judeon July 1, 2015
Bottle Design and Label Info - 9.5/10 Cafe Racer uses a clear and unique square glass bottle. It has a childproof cap and is sealed with a perforated shrink band. The label is professionally designed and also waterproof.  The bottle and label have the following: Easy to use Nicotine strength Warning PG / VG ratio Water-proof label […]
Smoker Turned Marathon Runner Thanks to Vaping

Former Smoker Turned Marathon Runner Thanks to Vaping

by Joey Kayoon June 29, 2015
Jerry Iozzo runs 30-40 miles a week and according to him, he owes it all to vaping. Iozzo was a smoker for 23 years and says that could not run over three miles without a hacking cough. After switching to vaping he now runs full 26.2 mile marathons. He sports a shirt that reads NOTBlowingSmoke.org […]

California Vapers Oppose SB140

California Vapers Still Need to Fight SB140 on Wednesday, July 8th

by Angela Judeon June 29, 2015
The last we heard about Mark Leno’s SB140 was in April when it passed the Senate Appropriations board. Since then it has moved all the way to the Senate Floor for its third reading. It was then referred to the Committee on Governmental Organization in June. SB140 is scheduled for a committee hearing on Wednesday, […]
Young Berry Crunch by Nice Juice Co.

Young Berry Crunch by Nice Juice Co.

by Vaper Visionon June 29, 2015
Bottle Design and Label Info - 9/10 Nice Juice Co. incorporates a photo of the food it's supposed to mimic into the label design. The bottle has a bright chrome cap with a white dropper that sets it apart from the typical eliquid bottle. The label is professionally designed and also waterproof.  The bottle and […]

Clearing the Air: PDF About the Vaping Industry

by Vaper Visionon June 28, 2015
The Northern California SFATA Chapter and the Vaping Education Council are leading the way for advocacy. Here is their latest publication. Original Article: http://norcal.sfata.org/2015/06/clearing-the-air/ “We would like to bring the following custom publication, that has just come hot off the presses, to your attention. I’m very pleased to see the results of what once started out as […]

VaperVision Vaping Do's and Don'ts

Vaping DO’s & DON’Ts

by Vaper Visionon June 25, 2015
Vaping is a new phenomenon. There are no set cultural norms or rules of etiquette. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Here are our list of recommended DO's and DON'Ts of Vaping.

Alien by XillaryTech Sub-Ohm Tank Review

by Ian (Cleareyezz) Kevlinon June 24, 2015
Cleareyezz reviews the Alien Sub-Ohm Tank by XillaryTech. It doesn't end well.
Henley Vaporium

New York Fines Vape Shops and Eliquids Without Child-Resistant Packaging

by Angela Judeon June 24, 2015
New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman settled with four businesses regarding the lack of child-resistant packaging on eliquid sold in the state. The settlements involved two retail vape shops with locations in New York City, Henley Vaporium and Beyond Vape. The remaining two in the agreement are Rocket Sheep, an eliquid manufacturer, and E-Cig Distributors, an online […]

Dr. Richard Le on Vaping

Pulmonologist, Dr. Richard Le on Vaping

by Joey Kayoon June 23, 2015
Interview with a lung specialist regarding vaping. Dr. Richard Le, M.D., F.C.C.P. is a pulmonologist. He specializes in treating lung conditions. Many of his patients are smokers suffering from COPD and other smoking related illnesses.
Broken Bottle Rotten Rope

Rotten Rope by Broken Bottle Vape Co.

by Angela Judeon June 22, 2015
Above Average
Bottle Design and Label Info - 7/10 Broken Bottle Vape Co. took a risk with their clear labels. Luckily, that risk paid off. They ensured that the graphics and text were bold and had enough contrast to stand out on the bottle. All of the information is easy to read and that's not always the […]
2015 E-liquid Poll

Poll: Best E-Liquids by Flavor Profile 2015

by Joey Kayoon June 21, 2015
What are the top E-Liquid flavors of 2015? The categories are Candy, Cereal, Dessert, Fruity, Menthol and Tobacco. Vote for your favorites on our poll!


Texas Passes SB 97 – New Regulations on E-Cigarettes

by Angela Judeon June 20, 2015
The recently passed Senate Bill 97 (SB 97) will go into effect on October 1, 2015 in the state of Texas. The bill was first received by the Secretary of the Senate in November of 2014 and was signed by Governor Abbot on May 28, 2015. SB 97 has been amended greatly in thanks to […]

Poll: Are the StillBlowingSmoke Ads Deterring Smokers From Trying Vaping?

by Joey Kayoon June 20, 2015
Several owners of local SoCal vape shops are saying that TV ads for StillBlowingSmoke are affecting their business. They are claiming that fewer smokers are seeking to try vaping to quit smoking. They’ve noted that starter kit sales are much lower than normal. Often, starter kits are purchased by new vapers looking to become former smokers. Is the StillBlowingSmoke campaign related to […]

California Vapers Gearing Up to Take Down Leno’s SB140 and Other Bills

by Joey Kayoon June 20, 2015
SB140 Call To Action 2 From NorCal SFATA It’s already been quite the legislative year and we’re only barely reaching the end of the first half of 2015. On the positive side, vapor products were removed from AB 768 and SB 24 has met an unfortunate end after coming out of the Senate Appropriations Committee […]

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