Doc Bailey's Elixir - Happy Drips (Blueberry)

Happy Drips (Blueberry) by Doc Bailey’s Elixir

VaperVision Score: 87 pts  (Above Average)

This eliquid is meant to have a blueberry flavor.

Bottle Design/Label Info (7/10)

Standard 15ml bottle with a child-proof white cap. The label is laser printed so it won’t bleed. It says 1/2 ounce instead of 15ml which is ok. The label has the nicotine strength, and the 50/50 pg/vg ratio. It does have the born-on date, nicotine warning and what seems to be a lot number. Other than the name, there isn’t anything that distinguishes it from the other flavors in their lineup. The label design is plain and nothing really stands out design-wise. The bottles are soft and easy to drip out of. Overall, the bottle works well, the label has all the required information, but is lacking in presentation and design.

Initial Impressions/Aroma (9/10)

The flavor percentage must be pretty high, because it definitely smells strong out of the bottle. It smells like a baked good with blueberries mixed in, rather than a fresh blueberry. The first few vapes are satisfying and give good flavor.

Flavor Accuracy (8/10)

The flavor is definitely a blueberry flavor. There is not much information about this ejuice since as of this review, there is no official website with a full description. Based on the name Happy Drips and the fact that it says blueberry, we can only assume that it is a blueberry flavoring that is supposed to make you happy? Although the blueberry flavor is distinct, there seems to be other flavors such a buttery, baked good taste. It reminds me of blueberry muffin.

Flavor Complexity, Balance, Depth and Overall Impression (13/20)

The flavor is a good mix between blueberry and a baked good flavor and seems relatively simple. Simple is good since the flavor isn’t muddy, but it just might not be intriguing in the long run. The balance is there and keeps the vape tasting good after the initial puffs. The eLiquid does show some depth as the blueberry is mixed with just the right amount of baked good flavoring and maybe even a hint of cinnamon. It is interesting and and can possibly be an all-day vape, but because it is lacking in complexity it might not be an all-time favorite.

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VaperVision Score: 87 pts  (Above Average)

Happy Drips (Blueberry) by Doc Bailey’s Elixir

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