eLiq Cube eLiquid Pink Starburst

Pink Starburst eLiquid by eLiq Cube

VaperVision Score: 84 pts  (Above Average)

Bottle Design/Label Info (6/10)

The eLiq Cube liquid label clearly includes the nicotine strength and bottle size. The lot number and nicotine batch are also included on the label. The PG/VG ratio is not present (it is a 50/50 blend). Each bottle has a childproof cap but does not come sealed. The label is waterproof but scratches off if handled often.

Initial Impressions, Aroma and Bouquet (prior to use)  (7/10)

Although this eliquid has a light scent out of the bottle, it is accurate to its Pink Starburst name. It’s a very fragrant strawberry and cream candy scent that definitely highlights the awaiting vape.

Flavor Accuracy (8/10)

Creamy, light strawberry chew candy, just like the name. It has a hint of artificial candy flavor.

Flavor Complexity, Balance, Depth and Overall impression (13/20)

This Pink Starburst eLiquid is a straightforward flavor. Complexity only goes as far as layers of strawberry with a candy hint. Its simplicity works in its favor as its not overwhelming. Overall, most palettes will tire of the simple flavor and it may not be suitable for an all day vape.

You can find more info about eLiq Cube eliquids on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Liq-Cube/172733529530246?fref=ts

VaperVision Score: 84 pts  (Above Average)

Pink Starburst eLiquid by eLiq Cube

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