Vaping Monkey - Monkey Buns Eliquid

Monkey Buns by Vaping Monkey

VaperVision Score: 94 pts  (Outstanding)

This eliquid flavor is meant to be like a cinnamon bun pastry.

Bottle Design/Label Info (8/10)

Monkey Buns eJuice

Consistent with all Vaping Monkey labels, it’s visually appealing. It is obvious that there was design considerations made when creating these labels. Each eLiquid flavor in the Vaping Monkey lineup is color coded. This one happens to be brown. The nicotine level is shown in a huge font on the side. There is a warning label, the name of the eLiquid and a hand-written born-on date. The bottle is child-proof and is made of a semi-soft plastic. Squeezing the liquid out is very easy since the bottle is not too hard or too soft. The bottles do come shrink-wrapped so that you know that they have not been tampered with or re-bottled. The only negatives are that the label does not display the VG/PG ratio or the bottle size.

Initial Impressions (10/10)

The aroma from the bottle is similar to a cinnamon-like bakery item. It is evident that there is a consistent cinnamon undertone, but the other flavor ingredients are a bit hard to identify. Overall, Monkey buns has a warm, intriguing and pleasant smell. After the first vape, one might hesitate to acknowledge a liking for it as it doesn’t fall into a tobacco-like or fruity category. However, it can quickly find its way onto someone’s list of favorites.

Flavor Accuracy (7/10)

The description is simply stated as “cinnamon buns”. Apart from the apparent dominance of the cinnamon flavoring, there are actually a few unidentifiable layers of pastry-like, bakery-like goodness that gives a sense of comfort.

Flavor Complexity, Depth, Balance and Overall Impression (19/20)

The hearty complexity of this juice is really what makes it so appealing and enjoyable. As a definite plus, there are no particular overpowering flavor elements which would steer you away after extended vaping. The subtle sweetness presented by the cinnamon and other bakery-like flavors makes it a sustainable “all-day vape”. For those with a strong pallet, this flavor may be just right for you if other strong fruit flavors are too much to vape for long periods of time. There is a slight bitter aftertaste which naturally comes from the cinnamon, but the overall flavor is incredibly tasty and enjoyable nonetheless.

VaperVision Score: 94 pts  (Outstanding)

Monkey Buns by Vaping Monkey

3 votes, 9.67 avg. rating (93% score)


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