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California Vapers Gearing Up to Take Down Leno’s SB140 and Other Bills

by on June 20, 2015

SB140 Call To Action 2

From NorCal SFATA

It’s already been quite the legislative year and we’re only barely reaching the end of the first half of 2015. On the positive side, vapor products were removed from AB 768 and SB 24 has met an unfortunate end after coming out of the Senate Appropriations Committee “suspense files”. Which means we are now actively monitoring AB 216 and dealing with SB 140.

Yesterday, SB 140 (Leno) got referred to the Assembly Governmental Organization (e.g. G.O.) Committee and currently we presume it to be scheduled on their agenda on July 8th, 2015. If you plan on attending the hearing, which we most certainly would encourage, please reserve that date and we will let you know as soon as we have a confirmation of the agenda.

Unfortunately, if the hearing will be set for July 8th, Stefan Didak will not be able to be present that day but as luck (and planning ahead!) would have it, our latest addition to the Northern California Chapter of SFATA’s leadership, Erick Beall, will be stepping in. Erick is an excellent speaker and as our Legislative Advisor understands the task at hand and the process involved.

There have been no changes to the bill so we would like to remind everyone of some of the things that this bill seeks to enact;

  • Defines vapor products as tobacco products (i.e. equate cigarettes with e-cigarettes).
  • Attempts to include products defined as “nicotine” regardless of source.
  • Public use prohibition (no vaping where smoking is prohibited, public parks, etc.)
  • Change in how vaping can be prohibited in rental, lease, multi-unit apt. dwellings, etc.
  • No vaping in workplaces (including vape shops)
  • No more “self service” (unassisted) handling products or sampling liquids/flavors.
  • No exemptions for vapor retailers to allow vaping in their stores.
  • No vaping in group homes, small family homes, transitional housing, or by foster families.
  • No vaping in a motor vehicle with a minor present, whether in motion or at rest.


Read the rest of the Call to Action on NorCal SFATA’s website.

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