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Funded: NotBlowingSmoke 2.0 Reaches $25,000 Goal!

by on June 18, 2015

NotBlowingSmoke has raised $25,000 in one month thanks to contributions from 144+ individuals. Many of the donations were $5, $10, $20.  The GoFundMe campaign was setup by Stefan Didak, the creator of the website.

Didak created the first website. He did this on a $0 budget as a direct response to the #StillBlowingSmoke campaign by the California Department of Public Health.  The site has seen a rise in popularity as vapers have rallied around #notblowingsmoke.

His plan is to use the money raised to create what he calls #NotBlowingSmoke 2.0.

Some of the goals stated on the fundraising website for #NotBlowingSmoke2.0:

• Legitimize NOTBlowingSmoke by creating a 501c3 non-profit organization around it. This is a necessary step to create the infrastructure needed to implement our short and long term goals and to provide transparency to those who contribute to the efforts.

• Bring NOTBlowingSmoke to a national audience with a most robust, fresh, and expandable website, with social media presence.

• “Export” NOTBlowingSmoke into the offline world to reach a larger segment of the public by providing a range of free, up to date educational materials (print, video, images, etc.) for vapers and shops to raise awareness and reach into the non-hobbyist vaper demographic.

• Expand NOTBlowingSmoke into additional projects covering important and pressing areas of concern to both vapers and the vapor products industry.

Also mentioned on the website:

One of primary goals following incorporation is the creation of a number of full time jobs in the field of advocacy.

There is a demand by the vaping community to setup billboards and television ads. Vapers want representation. The grassroots support for this campaign seems like a step in the right direction. Vapers have always had power in numbers. The next logical move is to get organized and raise funds for future campaigns.

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