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Episode 2 of the Vape Life Documentary is Here

The second installment of the Vape Life Documentary by United Vapers is now on YouTube. The second episode is about five minutes long and talks about the invention of the electronic cigarette and how vaping devices work. Watch the video in fullscreen on the United Vapers Youtube Channel.   If you missed, the first episode, […]
Greg Gutfeld Debates Doctor Over E-Cigarettes

Greg Gutfeld Debates Doctor Over E-Cigarettes

Here is a link to the original post. Greg Gutfeld has a defended vaping in the past. He himself has quit smoking using e-cigarettes. In the most recent episode of The Greg Gutfeld Show, he debates a doctor over vaping. He has some good comebacks so make sure to check it out. At one point, […]

Young Berry Crunch by Nice Juice Co.

Young Berry Crunch by Nice Juice Co.

Bottle Design and Label Info – 9/10 Nice Juice Co. incorporates a photo of the food it’s supposed to mimic into the label design. The bottle has a bright chrome cap with a white dropper that sets it apart from the typical eliquid bottle. The label is professionally designed and also waterproof. The bottle and […]

Clearing the Air: PDF About the Vaping Industry

The Northern California SFATA Chapter and the Vaping Education Council are leading the way for advocacy. Here is their latest publication. Original Article: “We would like to bring the following custom publication, that has just come hot off the presses, to your attention. I’m very pleased to see the results of what once started out as […]

VaperVision Vaping Do's and Don'ts

Vaping DO’s & DON’Ts

Vaping is a new phenomenon. There are no set cultural norms or rules of etiquette. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Here are our list of recommended DO's and DON'Ts of Vaping.

The Real Dangers of Teens Inhaling Vapor

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Bruce Nye Link to Original Article Electronic cigarette use is becoming more prevalent in society as more smokers choose this alternative to eliminate the harms of tobacco use. Teenagers are experimenting with electronic cigarettes as part of their normal growth and development. Risks of harm from electronic cigarettes are orders […]

Hydra by Sense

Hydra by Sense | New Non-SubOhm Tank

Coming Soon! The Hydra by Sense; the same people who brought us the Herakles. The Hydra seems to be targeted towards people using lower wattage devices (i.e. Eleaf iStick 30watt.) A representative from Sense told us that the tank is designed to perform well between 15-50 watts. The Hydra is also smaller than the Herakles […]
How to Argue FOR Vaping

How to Argue FOR Vaping

Excerpt from How to Argue FOR Vaping Posted on June 11, 2015 by One of the most difficult things about this disruptive technology is how to defend it against the naysayers who are, like the Luddites of old, trying to destroy what they do not understand. It is frustrating beyond tolerance at times, to […]

Truth About Vaping Reveal

Unveiling the Person Behind The Truth About Vaping Videos

If you’ve ever seen the Truth About Vaping series of videos, you’ll notice that behind the catchy illustrations, slick transitions and easy to understand explanations is a soothing female voice. Up until now, she has remained unknown to most everyone in the vape community. Considering that the first video that was released has currently over […]
Truth About Vaping Episode 2

“The Nicotine Misconception” – Truth About Vaping Episode 2

The Truth About Vaping on YouTube wants you to: “Forget everything you think you know about nicotine…” In this video, they discuss how nicotine may not be the major contributing factor to tobacco addiction. Instead the video cites studies showing that it may be the MAOI’s (anti-depressant) that act in conjunction with nicotine that cause the […]

The Truth About Vaping Episode 1

“Why They Hate Us” – Truth About Vaping – Episode 1

These videos seek to explain the complex relationship between big tobacco companies, the master settlement agreement (MSA), the states and the vape industry. From The Truth About Vaping on YouTube Revealing the real motivation behind the California Department of Public Health’s attack campaign on vaping called Still Blowing Smoke. The view more of the TRUTH visit […]