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Casting Clouds with Cleareyezz – Episode 8 at Vaperev Melrose

This was filmed at Vaperev Melrose for the Vape Social event hosted by United Vapers. Watch it full screen on the United Vapers Network YouTube channel. Subscribe to their channel to be notified of new videos.
SB-140 Group Photo

SB-140: What You Might Have Missed

The vape community was victorious against SB 140. Here is some behind the scenes info to give you an idea what you might have missed if you weren't there. This might also help out vapers in other states figure out what to do to fight bills in their state. Behind the scenes video is included as well.

Casting Clouds with Clearyezz Episode 7 VapeConUSA

VapeConUSA – Casting Clouds Episode 7: “Shitty Shoes”

Casting Clouds with @cleareyezz Episode 7 on the United Vapers Network (UVN) Co-host: @joey_kayo In this episode we have special guests from @VAPECONUSA: @badt0uchbear & @tbolo. Also mentioned in this episode: @superjaymze 23:13 @under_h2o_ck_htwrs 29:44 @purefantasiavape 37:35 @vapordepartment 39:49 Hawaii Vapers 44:15 Jay at @xclusivevapor 45:15 @stefandidak 50:15 @_pepper1_hellagood @hotwires_chadster @teamroyalwires @midnightoil_vape @dhayan_hvca @hiddenvape @bigdaddyloonz […]
VapeConUSA on The SuperJaymze Show

VapeConUSA on The SuperJaymze Show

In this episode SuperJaymze talks to Joe from VapeCon USA. VapeCon’s next convention will be at Chattanooga Convention Center | Chattanooga, TN | May 29 – 31, 2015. Find out more at Sponsors: VapeCon USA: Jet Fuel Eliquid: Hidden Vape: VapeUp USA: Vapewell:

Vape Life Documentary Episode 1

Episode 1 of a multi-part documentary about vaping; the technology behind it, the vaping industry, the culture and community and the movement.. Episode 1 is about the causes of tobacco addiction, the possibility that nicotine is not the main cause of addiction, (that MAOI’s in combination with the thousands of other chemicals in combustible tobacco […]

Dimitris Agrafiotis at The Vape Summit 2014

Dimitris Agrafiotis aka The Vaping Greek speaking at The Vape Summit 2014 Speaker Series sponsored by Capella Flavors

Phil Busardo Speaking at The Vape Summit 2014

Phil Busardo at The Vape Summit 2014 Speaker Series sponsored by Capella Flavors

Santa Monica City Council Meeting on eCigs and Vapor Products

The City Attorney proposed to treat vapor products as tobacco products and restrict their use wherever tobacco is restricted. Unlike Los Angeles, he recommended that there NOT be an exception for vape shops. The city council voted in favor of the treating vapor as a tobacco product, but DID give exceptions to vape shops.