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California Vapers Still Need to Fight SB140 on Wednesday, July 8th

by on June 29, 2015

The last we heard about Mark Leno’s SB140 was in April when it passed the Senate Appropriations board. Since then it has moved all the way to the Senate Floor for its third reading. It was then referred to the Committee on Governmental Organization in June.

SB140 is scheduled for a committee hearing on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 in Sacramento. This is the best opportunity for California vapers to put a stop to this bill. If SB140 passes it will have a detrimental effect on vape shops and the vape industry as we see it today.

Southern California is at the forefront of the vape industry, culture and movement. If the large concentration of vapers in Orange County, Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire and Ventura County took a stand and contacted their elected officials the impact would be phenomenal.

Here’s a reminder of what SB140 will do:

  • Redefines tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes/vapor
  • They’re equating your vape with a cigarette
  • It will be illegal to vape in public
  • Can only vape in designated smoking areas
  • Illegal to vape in rental units such as apartments
  • Illegal to vape in a vehicle with a minor present (regardless if the car is moving or not)
  • Illegal to vape in workplaces, including vape shops
  • Illegal to sample eliquid in vape shops
  • No exemptions for vape shops to allow vaping in their shops

Now, what can you do about it? Plenty!

Stefan Didak and Geoff Braithwaite of the NorCal SFATA group put together a few things that we can do. The actions we take today may save our industry and the lives of potential ex-smokers.

California Vapers

Look at the list of Committee Members below and see if your city is on the list. If it is, call them and express your concerns about SB140 and ask that they vote NO on the bill. It’s even more effective if you make an appointment to express your concerns in person.

California Business Owners in the Vape Industry

It is crucial that you take the time to contact the Committee Members.

Explain the following:

  • The economic impacts that this bill will have on your business
  • The sales tax you pay to the state
  • You and your employees may end up unemployed
  • Remind them that your business does not want to be regulated as a tobacco product

California Vape Shops and Retailers

In addition to everything mentioned above make sure your customers are aware of SB140. Ask them to contact the Committee Member for their city and tell them how it will effect them as a vaper and to vote NO on SB140.

If your shop is in one of the Committee Member’s cities, download and print out the ‘Save Vaping’ flyer. Write in the Committee Members name and phone number in the space provided and have them available at your shop. Encourage your customers to take them and contact the representative.

If your shop is not located in one of the Committee Member’s cities you can still download and print out the ‘Save Vaping’ flyer. Feel free to write in the Chair or Vice-Chair’s name and phone number in the space provided. Update on 6/30: At this time, callers are being asked to give their home address to verify that they live in the correct district.

Save Vaping Flyer for SB140

Download the ‘Save Vaping’ Flyer for your shop

Committee Members to Contact

Name District City Phone Number
Tom Daly 69 Anaheim (714)-939-8469
Rudy Salas 32 Bakersfield (559)-585-7170
Cristina Garcia 58 Bell Gardens (562)-861-5803
Mike Gipson 64 Carson (310)-233-1201
Eduardo Garcia 56 Coachella (760)-347-2360
Eric Linder (Vice-Chair) 60 Corona (951) 371-6860
Jim Cooper 9 Elk Grove (916)-262-0999
Marie Waldron 75 Escondido (760)-480-7570
Henry Perea 31 Fresno (559)-445-5532
Reginald Jones-Sawyer 59 Los Angeles (213)-744-2111
Adam Gray (Chair) 21 Merced (209) 726-5465
Franklin Bigelow 5 O’Neals (209)-223-0505
Ken Cooley 8 Rancho Cordova (916)-464-1910
Marc Steinorth 40 Rancho Cucamonga (909)-466-9096
Nora Campos 27 San Jose (408)-277-1220
Katcho Achadjian 35 San Luis Obispo (805)-549-3381
Marc Levine 10 San Rafael (415)-479-4920
Scott Wilk 38 Santa Clarita (661)-286-1565
Luis Alejo 30 Watsonville/Salinas (831)-759-8676
Roger Hernandez 48 West Covina (626)-960-4457
Chad Mayes 42 Yucca Valley (760)-674-0164

Click here for a list of Committee Member mailing addresses

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