How We Rate eLiquids


VaperVision eLiquid Rating System (VVERS)

eJuices/eLiquids are evaluated on a 50-100 point scale.

  • Every product begins with a base of 50 points.
  • Bottle design and amount of information on the label account for an additional 10 points. ¬†Bottle/Label should be
    • Child-proof
    • Easy to use
    • Nicotine strength
    • Warning
    • PG / VG ratio
    • Born on date/expiration date/or batch
    • Water-proof label
    • Contact info
    • Professional¬†design
    • Sealed*
    • Bottle size*
  • Initial impressions and aroma account for an additional 10 points.
  • Flavor accuracy based on product description account for an additional 10 points.
  • Flavor complexity, depth, balance and overall impressions account for an additional 20 points.

Throat hit and vapor production are not rated since they are the result of the nicotine percentage and VG/PG ratio and can generally be assumed.

96-100 / Exceptional

An exceptional eLiquid of the highest quality that exceeds all expectations. This would be a great all-day vape. eLiquids of this nature are definitely worth spending on.

90-95 / Outstanding

A product in this range displays exceptional value. Products with this rating typically fulfill almost all expectations of a good eliquid and stands out compared to other eLiquids. Probably a good all-day vape. eLiquids with this rating are definitely worth trying.

80-89 / Above Average

An product in this range can be described as a good eLiquid. Some people can use it as an all-day vape, some may just enjoy it occasionally. Definitely try before you buy.

70-79 / Average

An eLiquid in this range displays average characteristics. It is usually a product with little distinction. It may be a decent vape, but may not be an all-day vape. Be careful because, eLiquids in this range may be impressive initially, but may not be satisfying as an all-day vape.

60-69 / Below Average

A product in this range scores as one below average compared to other eLiquids. The eLiquid typically does not or barely fulfills its duty as a satisfying vape.

50-59 / Unacceptable

A product in this range is deemed an unacceptable eLiquid and most people will likely not enjoy it. It is not an eLiquid we would recommend.