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Herakles RTA Mini Review

by on July 24, 2016

Watch the full Herakles RTA Mini Review on the United Vapers Network channel.

Video Transcript:

This is going to be a quick hands on review of the Herakles RTA Mini. Usually review sub ohm tanks because that’s what I use most of the time, but I decided to give this a try because I know people are interested in RTA’s.

So what’s it like to use? I’ve been using it for about a week and I actually like it.

The three things I am looking at is how easy it is to build, how easy is it to fill and what is the vaping experience.

So it is very easy to build on this deck. If you can build on a dripper, you can build on the Herakles RTA Mini. I built a dual 22 gauge 7 wrap just like I do on my drippers. I like how each lead has its own dedicated screw. It measured around 0.29 ohms. Was it easy to build? Yes! About as easy as most drippers. The only thing I did differently was I had to make the cotton a little bit longer than normal. I also found that it wicks better if you leave room for the juice to flow. What I did was I cut the ends in a v-shape. Try it and let me know in the comments what you think.

I also wanted to look at how easy it was to fill and maintain. You fill this tank the same way as any other top-fill tank. There is a juice flow control and airflow control. No issues there. I didn’t have any leaking issues which I was kind of expecting to have. The mini has a 3ml capacity compared to it’s big brother the Herakles RTA 2 which has a 6ml capacity. I am used to switching out coils when changing flavor so it was cool to not have to do that on this tank. I just swapped took out the old cotton, dry burned the gunk off the coils, washed out the tank, put new cotton and it was as good as new.

Now for the vaping experience. I wanted to see how this tank could handle high heat because the problem with some RTA’s is that they do not wick well which leads to dry hits. This one has no issues with that. I’m vaping this at 90 watts and the flavor is as good as anything I have ever tried. It gets warm, but not hot. Airflow is very similar to a dripper.

Also, thank you to sense for including an adapter for a regular 510 drip tip. Sometimes people want to try my vape and they have to use my drip tip when it’s not a standard 510. Thank you Sense. The drip tip it comes with is pretty comfortable because it has a slight curve to it. If you try it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

They also included a bunch of o-rings and an extra glass tank.

So who would I recommend this to? If you like building your own coils, you will like RTA Mini. If you are someone who wants the experience of a dripper with the convenience of a tank, you will like the Herakles RTA Mini. If you like saving money by not having to buy coils, you will like the RTA Mini.

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