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Review: Herakles Hydra by Sense

by on July 3, 2015

Top-Fill Design
Good Flavor
Good Vapor Production
Large Airflow is Good for "Lung Hits"
Smaller Airflow Settings for Mouth-to-Lung Draws
Lots of Included Extras
Included Coils Allow for Relatively High Wattages
Decent Build Quality


Small 2ml Capacity
No RBA Option
Requires a Regulated Device
Won't Produce as Much Vapor as the Original Herakles w/ Sub-Ohm Coils

Editor Rating

Build Quality


Ease of Use

Included Extras

Overall Impression

Total Score

Bottom Line

This is a great all around tank for someone looking to switch to vaping. It might even satisfy more advanced vapers.


The Hydra by Sense

Watch the Video Review of the Hydra Tank by Sense on YouTube.

The Hydra by Sense

The Herakles by Sense was one of my favorite sub-ohm tanks. I gave it the highest rating in the Sub-Ohm Tank Shootout video. Now they’ve just released what they call the Herakles-Hydra. This is a smaller 20mm tank. My guess is that Sense made this to compete with the Kanger Subtank Nano and the popular Aspire Nautilus Mini. This tank fits well on smaller devices such as the VaporShark DNA30 and the iStick 30. Based on my initial testing, the Herakles Hydra outperforms them both and vapes well even up to 50 watts. Did I mention that it uses a top-fill design?

What’s Included

Included in the box is the tank itself, and extra replacement glass, a 1.8 ohm kanthal coil and a 0.2 ohm Ni200 coil for temperature controlled devices. It also comes with a wide bore drip tip with delrin to keep it from transferring heat.
Hydra by Sense What's Included

Coils (ohms and power range)

The 1.8 ohm coil was a surprise. I would have been happy if it vaped without a dry hit up to 30 watts. What amazed me was that it vaped well up to 50 watts. I have not tested the 0.2 ohm nickel coil yet, but I will update this once I do.

Hydra by Sense 1.8 Ohm Coil

Hydra by Sense Nickel Ni200 Coil

Build Quality

The build quality is on par with the previous Herakles tank. It is above average, but you won’t mistake it with some of the more expensive rebuildable tanks. If it is anything like my Herakles tank, it should be able to take a fall. I’ve dropped my Herakles countless times and it still works. I even have the extra replacement glass in the box.

The entire tank is stainless steel, the pin is copper and the glass is pyrex. They even have 3 different color options to choose from: full stainless steel, red accent rings, and black accent rings.

Hydra by Sense 3 Colors

3 Color Options

Ease of Use

One of my favorite things about this tank is that it you can fill it from the top. It’s so convenient not having to turn the tank upside down to fill it.

The tank also comes apart completely so that you can clean all the parts. Should you ever have to replace the glass, it will only take a few seconds.

Hydra by Sense Top Fill Design

Top Fill Design

Hydra by Sense All the Parts

All the Parts


This has 3 settings: Two 1.8mm holes, dual 3.0mm x 2.30mm holes, or dual 5.50mm x 2.30mm holes. I am currently using the largest setting and it has just the right amount of airflow for 50 watts. It’s a warm vape, but not too hot. I prefer to take lung hits. For those who take mouth-to-lung drags, the airflow is adjustable. Just remember to reduce the wattage to compensate.Hydra by Sense smallest airflow

Smallest Airflow Setting

Hydra by Sense Medium Airflow

Medium Airflow Setting

Hydra by Sense Largest Airflow Setting

Largest Airflow Setting

Wicking Material & Ability

The box says that the replacement heads use 100% organic cotton. I am currently using a 90 VG / 10 PG juice and vaping it at 50 watts on my iStick. There is no problem wicking, no dry hits, just flavor and vapor. I am actually amazed at how well it wicks considering how small the coil heads are. Hydra by Sense 1.8 Ohm Coil Close-up

1.8 Ohm Coil Close-up

Flavor & Vapor Production

Flavor I loved the flavor I got from the original Herakles. I would have to say I get even better flavor from this tank. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a smaller tank making the drip tip closer to the coil or the coil design itself. Perhaps it’s the airflow or a combination of all those things. All I know is that I am happy with the flavor this produces. Vapor Production I am currently using the 1.8 ohm coil. This should not blow clouds. And yet it does. It’s less than the original Herakles, but that was using a much larger 0.6 ohm coil. At 9.4 volts, 50 watts, this thing produces enough vapor for most people. You won’t be winning any cloud competitions with the Hydra, but  it’s convenience makes up for any shortcomings. Joey vaping with the Hydra

Me testing out the vapor production. Not bad.

Tank Capacity

This is the only area where this tank is lacking. Both this tank and the Nautilus Mini are 2ml tanks. That’s not much if you plan to vape it at high wattages, but it might be ok if you vape at lower wattages. The Kanger Subtank Nano is approximately the same size but can hold 3ml’s of juice. Hydra by Sense vs Herakles Size Comparison

Herakles 3ml vs. Hydra 2ml Size Comparison



I think this is a great tank for someone who prefers to have the smallest setup possible. Someone who is not willing to sacrifice vapor production. Someone who wants an easy to use tank. The top fill design makes it one of the easiest tanks to fill. This tank might even replace my Herakles as my favorite tank.


MSRP for the Herakles-Hydra by Sense is  $34.99

Hydra by Sense Front of the Box

Box Front

Hydra by Sense Box Back

Weird Mythology Story on the Back

Hydra by Sense Side of the Box

Box Side

Full Disclosure

I was not paid to do this review. Sense did send me 3 Hydra tanks to review (all 3 colors), a 5 pack of 1.8 ohm replacement coils, a 5 pack of Ni200 nickel replacement coils, and a t-shirt.


I have tried the Ni200 nickel coil on an IPV4 with the temperature max at 400 degrees fahrenheit and 50 joules. It vaped as expected, but I prefer using the 1.8 ohm kanthal coil. It just seemed to have better flavor and vapor production.

The coils also don’t seem to last as long as the original Herakles coil. It probably has to do with the fact that the coils are smaller. The coils lasted around a week for me as opposed to 2 weeks with the original.

You can buy the Herakles Hydra at StudioVapor.com.

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  • Giles Redferne
    July 30, 2015 at 11:53 am

    I just got this tank with a combo purchase with the Eleaf Istick TC40w about 45 minutes ago. I was using Kanger and Nautilus mini tanks. I don’t know if it is because of the battery and the tank, but much more flavor, more smoke and lighter draw needed. Before I had to take 2 to 3 puffs to just get a small amount of smoke and flavor. Now a light puff and great flavor and smoke. Difference between night and day.


  • Stevie LeftLuck Foti
    November 23, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Where can I find replacement glass tubes for the Hydra what company can I find the sense website on


    • Amanda
      December 27, 2015 at 8:31 am

      ? sense website.. I mean, look at the box pic just above this, it’s right there. Is even a different color! =/ As for replacement glass, if you broke both included, that is = also simple. Could do it for ya but c’mon.. save yourself some time (and his) waiting for a response… & just Google it. Easy peasy, maaaan! 🙂 Enjoy.. Live long(ER) & vape on! ps: considering, just figured it should be mentioned.. It’s imperative that the included Ni200 coil is only vaped on a temp control capable device…..& without exception, ONLY in TC-Ni mode. 🙂 Enjoy! Live long(ER) & vape on!


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