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Review of Gravel Pit by CRFT

by on July 30, 2015
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Bottle Design& Label info: (6/10)

CRFT’s bottle design is a simple, yet sleek white label with a black banner standing behind the CRFT logo and the font for that logo is characterized in a beautiful, gold lining effect surrounding white letters. Nicotine levels are printed in small, black font towards the bottom of the flavor underneath the title of the flavor. The website for Crft is listed on the bottle for easy wholesale and retail access as well as PG/VG ratio listed on the side of the bottle. There is also a very clearly stated Prop 65 warning as well as poison control number on the side; which I liked to see.

There is unfortunately no child proof cap or dropper, not so user friendly. For the CRFT bottle, however, before opening the bottle, there is, however a paper tamper seal for customers to gauge whether the bottle has been opened before or not. There is no born or expiration date on the bottle either. The label is not water proof (tested actually on accident, WHOOPS!) but nonetheless, good to know.

Initial Impression/Aroma: (7.5/10)

Gravel Pit has an exotic and almost mystifying smell when you first open the bottle. It smells sweet, complex, and intoxicating. Once dripping this flavor, I found this e juice soothing and bright and I see why so many people rave about it. With that being said, the flavors of Gravel Pit are a bit too sweet for my taste, and I couldn’t vape this all day, but if you’re the type that prefers bright and sugared flavors, Gravel Pit is an excellent choice.

Flavor Accuracy: (10/10)

CRFT’s description of this Gravel Pit is simple, and yet very much on point. The peach notes in this e liquid is definitely a southern peach flavor, and not a usual juicy peach that you would eat, or even vape daily. The other aspect, guava, is very much present in this e liquid.

Flavor Complexity: (2/10)

Gravel Pit isn’t too particularly complex, however this doesn’t take away from its’ pure, delicious flavor.

Flavor Depth: (3/5)

Gravel Pit has an exuberant amount of depth for only having two flavors listed in their mix. This e liquid undulates in flavors as you vape it throughout the day. When vaping during my work day, Gravel Pit changed from being bright with peach at a lower temperature to bold and deep in a dripper.

Flavor Balance (5/5)

Like I stated before, and can’t state enough, although Gravel Pit only has two flavors listed in the mix, it is a great all day vape that won’t go stale on the palate. This is a feat in this community where there are so many options for everyone to vape.

Overall Impression (4/5)

Sweet, juicy, and superbly tasty, Gravel Pit is most definitely a wonderful and unique fruit vape. This great e liquid by CRFT is not candied, not overly robust, and wonderfully balanced. For the fruit lovers (and even the dessert vape lovers out there) you will love Gravel Pit.


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