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Rotten Rope by Broken Bottle Vape Co.

by on June 22, 2015
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Bottle Design and Label Info – 7/10

Broken Bottle Vape Co. took a risk with their clear labels. Luckily, that risk paid off. They ensured that the graphics and text were bold and had enough contrast to stand out on the bottle. All of the information is easy to read and that’s not always the case with clear labels.

The bottle and label have the following:

  • Child-proof
  • Easy to use
  • Nicotine strength
  • Warning
  • PG / VG ratio
  • Water-proof label
  • Professional design

The missing items are batch numbers/born dates/expiration, contact information, bottle size, and tamperproof seal. There is no website, email, or social media text anywhere on the label. The bottles are clear glass, 15ml in size and have a black child resistant cap.

Initial Impression and Aroma – 10/10

There are a couple of well known red licorice eliquid flavors out on the market already. I’m always curious to try new iterations of these flavors to see how they’re different from their competition. Why would a company release a similar flavor unless they felt theirs was better than the ones before it?

The professionally designed clear label stands out among other bottles. It feels clean and inviting. Opening a bottle of Rotten Rope smells identical to cracking open the lid of one of those huge 4lb tubs of Red Vines.

Flavor Accuracy – 9/10

Broken Bottle isn’t shy about their flavor description. They describe Rotten Rope as “better than the real Red Vines”. The Red Vines brand of red licorice is a distinct flavor. It’s a black and white issue, it’s either spot on or.. it isn’t. I wouldn’t say that it’s better than the real Red Vines but it is accurate and tastes just like the candy.

Flavor Complexity – 2/5

Although pleasant and accurate to its description, the flavor is one dimensional. Any Red Vines fan will tell you that Broken Bottle captured the flavor but nothing further. This is partly due to the simplicity of the candy itself. Actual Red Vines candy are made from only four flavors plus food coloring. It’s a simple flavor and they replicated it.

Flavor Depth – 3/5

The inhale hints at the candy flavor and the full Red Vines taste hits you on the exhale. It’s not overly sweet or overwhelming in any way.

Flavor Balance – 4/5

The Rotten Rope flavor has a wheat base with a slight sweetness that balances into a rich candy. The flavor feels a bit muted and left us wondering what it would taste like if the flavor was increased.

Overall Impression – 3/5

The bottle, child resistant cap, and label design provide a great first impression. We hope to see label updates that include batch information and born or expiration dates. The Red Vines flavor is spot on but left us wanting more. A great choice for occasional candy fans or Red Vines aficionados.

  • Name: Rotten Rope
  • Brand: Broken Bottle Vape Co.
  • Flavor: “It’s better than real red vines”
  • Bottle Size: 15ml
  • MSRP: $12
  • Strengths: 0, 3, 6, 12mg
  • Origin: Long Beach, CA
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