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SMOK TFV4 vs. Herakles Plus by Sense! – Vape Versus

by on January 12, 2016

Watch the fullscreen video on the United Vapers Network Channel on Youtube.

Transcript from the Video:

Today I wanted to take a look at these two popular sub ohm tanks, the Smok TFV4 and the Herakles Plus by Sense. I want to make this quick and concise so that you can decide what’s best for you. I will also be giving my personal opinions on these two products.


Let’s start with the TFV4. The kit comes with a Quad-Coil head, a Triple coil head, an RBA head, a replacement glass tube and a few spare parts. The tank holds 5ml’s of juice. They are able to do this because it isn’t the typical 22mm diameter, it’s wider at 24.5mm. They also have the TFV4 mini, but I don’t have one to review at the moment. The thing that sets this tank apart is coil options. They have rebuildable heads, single, dual, triple, quadruple and sextuple heads? Yeah six coils! They have options for those of you who like using temperature control.  They have nickel, stainless steel and titanium coils. They even have clapton coil replacement heads. If you’ve watched my videos before, you’ll know that I don’t use temperature control coils for my tanks. I just don’t find them that useful for me. I am also not into rebuilding. I used to be into rebuilding my own coils, but that’s back in the Kayfun days when I had no choice. With all these options for pre-built coils, I don’t find the need to use the rebuildable head. If you are into rebuilding, this tank is a good option for you.

I tried both the triple coil and the quad coil heads. The triple coil looks a lot cooler, but the flavor was lacking. The quad coil had much better flavor.

Smok claims that you can vape anywhere between 40-140 watts. In my testing, I have found that although you can vape it at 40 watts, you’ll get a better vape at higher wattages. And yes, it can actually handle the 140 watts that they claim. The adjustable airflow was more than adequate at high wattages.

The thing that I actually like the most about the TFV4 is the top-fill design. The top swivels so that there’s no need to unscrew anything. They use a rubber grommet to seal the tank from leaking. It’s convenient to fill which is great, since the TFV4 drinks juice.

The Herakles Plus by Sense

Now let’s take a look at the Herakles Plus by Sense. I did a full review of this tank and at the time, it was my personal favorite sub-ohm tank. As of right now, it’s still my go to tank just because it is smaller than the TFV4.

The Herakles Plus has a lot going for it. The flavor is the best I’ve ever had on a sub-ohm tank…like the flavor of the original Herakles Tank. The Plus version adds a top airflow design that actually does not degrade the flavor the way other top airflow tanks do. It is also top fill, but the screw on top makes it less convenient to fill than the TFV4.

The tank holds 3.6ml compared to the 5ml’s of the TFV4. Keep in mind that it also isn’t as large as the TFV4 since it is a standard 22mm diameter. The airflow is more than enough to accommodate high wattage vaping. The Herakles can vape at wattages that are much higher than I need. I use mine at 80 watts and I am completely satisfied at that wattage. The other thing that is different between this tank and the TFV4 is that you can actually get a satisfying vape at lower wattages. So if you have a 50-60 watt device, you can use this and get a good vape. Sometimes I even find myself using it at lower wattages to conserve power when using a single battery device.

Sense also makes an assortment of replacement heads from kanthal to nickel and stainless steel for temperature control. Unfortunately, they don’t have a rebuildable head option.

It also has a juice flow control that might be useful if you are using thinner juices. You will need to use this to keep the juice from leaking during a refill.


So, I would say that they are both winners. The TFV4 is better if you want the option to rebuild your own coils or if you’re like me, you can just buy the pre-built coils. Just stay away from the triple coil if you care about flavor. I almost dismissed this tank after trying the triple coil first, but now that I’m using the quad coil, I’ve changed my mind about this tank. It does give good flavor. It holds a lot of juice but it also uses a lot of juice. Just keep in mind that it is wider than most tanks. That top fill design is killer though. One thing I should mention is that with this tank compared to the Herakles Plus, you need to make sure that the tanks is close to empty before changing the coil. With the Herakles Pluhs, you can replace the coil when the tank is full.

The Herakles tank is a good option if you like airflow. Their top airflow design is the best right now and makes vaping over 100 watts possible and enjoyable. The top-fill is convenient, but the TFV4 is still easier. This tank is smaller and does not seem to drink as much juice as the TFV4 so that’s something to consider as well. I  wish that Sense would have made the Plus compatible with the old Herakles coils because those seemed to last a little longer for me. I changed the original coils out every two weeks, whereas I change the Plus coils out about every week.

In the end, these are both great tanks. It comes down to looking at the tradeoffs. The TFV4 holds more juice, but it’s bigger and annihilates juice. The TFV4 also has more coil options and the option to rebuild. The Herakles Plus vapes just as well as the TFV4 in a smaller package and has more usable airflow for higher wattages. The plus also vapes well at lower wattages. It also conserves more juice than the TFV4. Replacing the coil when there’s juice in the tank is more convenient on the Herakles Plus, but refilling is more convenient on the TFV4.

Now if they could only make a tank with the top fill design of the TFV4, the top airflow design of the Herakles Plus. Throw in juice flow control, the option for a rebuildable head, a 5ml tank capacity all in a 22mm design, then you’d have the best all around tank. Smok and Sense, I hope you’re listening.

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