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Vape Gift Ideas

by on November 29, 2015

It always feels like the holiday season sneaks up on us and this year is no different. We’ve put together a few ideas for gifts for the vaper in your life or maybe to reward yourself for kicking the habit.

A few notes about our gift ideas: First off, they are in no particular order. We displayed the prices as ranges because pricing varies from online shops and local brick and mortar stores.


Herakles Plus Tank

Price: $40-50

An improvement on an already amazing sub-ohm tank.

  • Improved airflow with top and bottom channels.
  • New top filling feature makes refilling your tank easy.
  • Great vapor production and flavor.
  • Check out our Herakles Plus review.

Kanger NEBOX

Price: $57-79

A great all-in-one 60w box mod that holds 10ml of eliquid.

  • Works with SSOCC and vertical OCC coils.
  • Also has a rebuildable deck included.
  • Uses a single 18650 battery.

Efest LUC Blu6 Battery Charger

Efest LUC Blu6 Charger

Price: $55-75

High capacity charger with a lot of bells and whistles.

  • Charge up to 6 batteries at once.
  • Ability to charge different slots at different rates (2 amp, 1 amp, .5 amp)
  • OLED display gives stats for each battery slot.
  • Bluetooth compatible companion app lets you control its featurs from your smartphone.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

Price: $50-75

Jaybo designed 200W Temperature Controlled Box Mod

  • Uses three 18650 batteries.
  • Unique ergonomic design.
  • Wismec RX200 chipset (Joyetech).
  • OLED screen.
  • Upgradeable firmware via micro USB.

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini

Price: $45-75

Well designed mod and tank from industry giants, Joyetech.

  • Firmware recently upgraded to 75w via micro USB.
  • Three firing modes: Temperature control, Bypass mode and Variable Wattage.
  • OLED screen.
  • Uses one 18650 battery.

Eleaf iSmoka iJust2 Kit

Eleaf iJust 2 Kit

Price: $30-40

Complete kit for starters, a stealth backup device or a driving mod.

  • 2600mAh built in battery and 5.5ml capacity tank
  • .3 and .5 ohm coils with adjustable airflow
  • 22m diameter
  • Great flavor and vapor production
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  • Amanda
    December 27, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    Seeing the NEBOX mentioned, hoping that if even ONE person reading doesn’t end up spending money on what they end up feeling kinda misled or duped about.. was well worth mentioning! Not speaking about the NEBOX itself, but its latest COIL revision/OPTIONS. Being one who researches EVERYTHING, in depth.. before buying. Based on all the ad’s, promo’s, coming soon banners & first looks/reviews (even material posted on their own website… which, as of this moment at least, hasn’t been changed yet) was super excited to learn of Kanger updating of “subtank” coils that would now use stainless steel! woot woot right? As much as I’ve been absolutely loving the flavor differences using SS coils in my Uwell Crown.. as well as the truly surprising hidden gem.. Tobeco Super Tank mini ( w/ THREE of them going, in rotation using a host of different coils. Triton SS a fav, since it works w/ most, if not all of the Atlantis compatible group!) Mini, only in appearance, holding >4ml. Streamline, nothing sticking out to mess w/ OR accidentally open/close.. not open/close etc. It’s non metal drip tip, to me, is awesome.. preferred.. ideal.. It’s super clicky AFC & huge airflow (can also be closed down) is great too. Having the easiest top fill & huge juice openings, makes one handed on the fly refills totally do-able! =p (OH, & OMG, for all that’s holy… PLEASE PEOPLE, be sure to always CLOSE AFC BEFORE OPENING ANY TOP FILL TANK,,,, leaving until RE sealed & ready to vape again, The staggering # of people I see posting/complaining about leaky tanks, their POS garbage tanks. Most, who I’m sure either dont know to OR just don’t CLOSE it first.. are breaking that internal pressure system by leaving open. Once refilled, they’ll see liquid coming from the AFC &/or base (taking path of least resistance.. exiting however it can!) Leaking…until EMPTY, there went all that pricey e-liquid! Frankly NO TANK, by design, should ever be leaking. SO, close that AFC BEFORE opening the top! Esp. if no juice control. Otherwise, be prepared to wear the liquid inside.. all if it. If any tank is leaking & that isn’t the culprit, it’s a sign to stop! Check seals, O-rings & that coil is still firmly threaded into base. Also to never tippy top, or over fill, either. 9.99x out of 10 its just user error, not tank error) Holy hell, I digress =o ………….. Being shorter, brings the drip tip of the Super mini… closer to its coil thus providing great flavor.. It’ll vape superbly w/ any of the coil options & all for <$20 too! (only wish I had found that one sooner, BEFORE having bought nearly every sub ohm tank along the way… hoping/looking for better. Now realizing most are all just super similar to each other.. could've gotten the super mini from the jump, had I known! lol) Anyhoooo, the SS coils in any tank…. seem to bring forward these crisp, clean notes, esp w/ fruits, that's difficult to explain. Something I haven't experienced w/ any other stock coil during the 4+ yrs I've been vaping, tbh! In addition to the improvement in flavor, the SS coils also seem to last a lot longer before noticing ANY change in flavor/performance & their need to be swapped for a new one. On avg.. getting a good 5-6 wks (yup, WEEKS. Crazy, 'eh?) from each! With the Uwell Crown… & then the recent addition of others using SS coils lately.. Enjoying the Subtank mini & Plus back when they came out.. All reasons I got super excited seeing/hearing about the upcoming NEBOX & SUBVOD kits.. as well as the newly revised, included SSOCC" coils! Watched a few reviews (tho, imho.. most these days are willingly being sent "beta or preproduction" models that may change some upon production/retail release… OR, as many including myself have experienced… that version will get released TOO! super frustrating imho) After watching the reviews.. researching.. seeing "SSOCC" & "stainless steel coil with Japanese organic cotton"… The second it was released, even if I hold out & don't get a NEBOX right away… def. wanted to pick up a bunch of those coils to have on hand, for use in my Subtank mini & Plus shelf dwellers! (remembering their incredibly easy, fuss free, battery saving vape. Their orig OR vertical coils, both provided quite the quality vape.. Both, however, gathering dust ever since getting SS coils & top fill tanks!) So, waited. watched.. & when released, found a good sale! Yessss…. Ordered myself 6 packages with 5/ea.. of the SSOCC Subtank coils (figured w/ the sale… 'eh, I could use them in either of the subtanks… a nebox I might get at some point.. OR, if need be… PIF them. *remember that, btw) After getting them in the mail & only AFTER recently watching a video by Daniel did I hear something I didn't want to OR expect to hear….. Daniel, being known as another Pbusardo type, as far as technical stuff… charts… numbers, etc. I watched intending on just getting his thoughts about the performance & its plastic tank (or was it?!? Ugh! I believed it to prob. be polycarbonate & wasn't TOO worried; esp considering all the Innokin gear I used without issue back when. Every juice type & for all lengths of time.. NEVER a crack, fog, break (not from liquid anyway. Me dropping.. a whoooole other ball-game. =p) Not sure why NO one can seem to find out, ask… look… ? Every reviewer tho, said something different & seemed to just "know". Well, most were wrong, it's not glass. lol What every single one of 'em did say, however, was how much they were loving the SSOCC 'stainless' coils… (hmm, interesting considering!) Some said the Ni200 ones, were Nickel AND stainless (??? what???) wrapped together or… idk. w/ the ad's, promo's etc… & with all the recent SS coils.. maybe could see how they'd come to assume that, but… Did NOT a one of 'em even bother (when doing a "review") to even skim those enclosed manuals? I'm guessing no.. since…. the only one to say, show or report something different; the only one to then take it a step further & inquire to Kanger for confirmation before doing his video…. was Daniel. =/ Sigh… As it turns out…. what he said was…. that the "SSOCC" marked coils.. are their updated stainless steel "housed". coils? … with Japanese organic cotton wicking (really? I call B/S there.. I mean, can ya say "misleading"? Yah, I think so! Advertised that way on purpose? Not truly specified as "housing or shell" in their descriptions… All boxes of SSOCC/Ni200 specifically say Nickel… while SSOCC says nothing under the title? Absoluckingflutely, imho! More important tho & what I want to know now, is…..Ok, if that's some big change? Ummm.. WTF metal have we been vaping with all the Subtank coils until now… that's been sitting directly in our eliquid this entire time?!? Great question?) Almost worse imho… is that the "coil material" that now isn't SS… isn't even freakin' kanthal, either. Nope, it's reportedly & according to the user manual…. Nichrome. That info, as mentioned, is not indicated anywhere else… (well, now, since Daniel's video… it has been changed on a few of the seller's websites. If, that is, they've been advised by or led to his video!) Now, OF COURSE, as we all know with coils… vendors have a pretty strict no return policy. Not only that, the site I ordered from, has a 72hr DOA only warranty, too. So… can ya guess who's S/O/L, eating the cost of not one… but 6 boxes… 30 of Kangers latest "SSOCC" coils I was led to believe were S/S "coils". As mentioned earlier, I'm sure I'll be PIF'ing them & passing on to someone local who can use 'em. I'm sure you can guess, I will not be buying that there Nebox anytime soon. Yah, I'll be leaving those shelf-dwellers as such.. & No matter, esp w/ all that's out there…. prob won't need to buy/support any other Kanger product again going forward. That's just me tho. At the moment, just feeling so 'duped' (for lack of a better term) & misled. Not hoping to prevent ANYONE from using or buying their products.. Just wanted to help inform others so they don't come to that same (easy to make) assumption too. Others should just know that Kanger's latest SOCC coils are in no way, shape or form….. "316L stainless steel" wire/coils". Instead, say they were speaking of its outer shell being SS….. mmhmm.. while the actual coil material being used in them…. is NICHROME….. If anyone reading is prevented from running out & wasting their hard earned money on what they were led to believe & now know what it is they'd actually get?? Since I only wish I had known prior.. that someone told me.. …………… = awesome, happy, the end! =) Whatever it is you're vaping, enjoy the hell out of it! Hope your Christmas was MERRY! & From the (not so much lately) Windy City.. here's wishing you & yours the HAPPIEST New Year possible… I'm hoping 2016.. tops 'em all. 🙂 Live long(ER) & vape on! (Good Lord =o smh, so sorry… *** TLDR: Fyi: Kanger's latest SSOCC marked coils in the NEBOX, SUBVOD etc.. are NOT STAINLESS STEEL WIRE. "SS" represents the stainless steel material used in its shell…. Where the coils themselves… are actually being wound with NICHROME ***)


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