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California Vapers Oppose SB140

California Vapers Still Need to Fight SB140 on Wednesday, July 8th

The last we heard about Mark Leno’s SB140 was in April when it passed the Senate Appropriations board. Since then it has moved all the way to the Senate Floor for its third reading. It was then referred to the Committee on Governmental Organization in June. SB140 is scheduled for a committee hearing on Wednesday, […]

Clearing the Air: PDF About the Vaping Industry

The Northern California SFATA Chapter and the Vaping Education Council are leading the way for advocacy. Here is their latest publication. Original Article: “We would like to bring the following custom publication, that has just come hot off the presses, to your attention. I’m very pleased to see the results of what once started out as […]

Poll: Are the StillBlowingSmoke Ads Deterring Smokers From Trying Vaping?

Several owners of local SoCal vape shops are saying that TV ads for StillBlowingSmoke are affecting their business. They are claiming that fewer smokers are seeking to try vaping to quit smoking. They’ve noted that starter kit sales are much lower than normal. Often, starter kits are purchased by new vapers looking to become former smokers. Is the StillBlowingSmoke campaign related to […]

California Vapers Gearing Up to Take Down Leno’s SB140 and Other Bills

SB140 Call To Action 2 From NorCal SFATA It’s already been quite the legislative year and we’re only barely reaching the end of the first half of 2015. On the positive side, vapor products were removed from AB 768 and SB 24 has met an unfortunate end after coming out of the Senate Appropriations Committee […]

Poll: Have You Decreased Your Nicotine Strength Over Time?

The CDC, FDA and California Department of Public Health claim that nicotine is addictive. A 1988 Surgeon General report on nicotine addiction states 3 properties of nicotine addiction. The first of those properties is tolerance. From the Surgeon General report: “Tolerance” is another aspect of drug addiction whereby a given dose of a drug produces […]

Funded: NotBlowingSmoke 2.0 Reaches $25,000 Goal!

NotBlowingSmoke has raised $25,000 in one month thanks to contributions from 144+ individuals. Many of the donations were $5, $10, $20.  The GoFundMe campaign was setup by Stefan Didak, the creator of the website. Didak created the first website. He did this on a $0 budget as a direct response to the #StillBlowingSmoke campaign by […]

The Real Dangers of Teens Inhaling Vapor

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Bruce Nye Link to Original Article Electronic cigarette use is becoming more prevalent in society as more smokers choose this alternative to eliminate the harms of tobacco use. Teenagers are experimenting with electronic cigarettes as part of their normal growth and development. Risks of harm from electronic cigarettes are orders […]
Danielle Bloss - Truth About Vaping

Danielle Bloss – The Person Behind The Truth About Vaping Videos

It was revealed today on that Danielle Bloss is the person behind The Truth About Vaping Videos. She is a graphic designer by trade. If you want someone to thank, make sure to show her some love on her Instagram account @rubberduckyurthe1. The plan now is to air a shorter version of her videos […]
How to Argue FOR Vaping

How to Argue FOR Vaping

Excerpt from How to Argue FOR Vaping Posted on June 11, 2015 by One of the most difficult things about this disruptive technology is how to defend it against the naysayers who are, like the Luddites of old, trying to destroy what they do not understand. It is frustrating beyond tolerance at times, to […]

Truth About Vaping Reveal

Unveiling the Person Behind The Truth About Vaping Videos

If you’ve ever seen the Truth About Vaping series of videos, you’ll notice that behind the catchy illustrations, slick transitions and easy to understand explanations is a soothing female voice. Up until now, she has remained unknown to most everyone in the vape community. Considering that the first video that was released has currently over […]
Truth About Vaping Episode 2

“The Nicotine Misconception” – Truth About Vaping Episode 2

The Truth About Vaping on YouTube wants you to: “Forget everything you think you know about nicotine…” In this video, they discuss how nicotine may not be the major contributing factor to tobacco addiction. Instead the video cites studies showing that it may be the MAOI’s (anti-depressant) that act in conjunction with nicotine that cause the […]
The Truth About Vaping Episode 1

“Why They Hate Us” – Truth About Vaping – Episode 1

These videos seek to explain the complex relationship between big tobacco companies, the master settlement agreement (MSA), the states and the vape industry. From The Truth About Vaping on YouTube Revealing the real motivation behind the California Department of Public Health’s attack campaign on vaping called Still Blowing Smoke. The view more of the TRUTH visit […]

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