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Vaping DO’s & DON’Ts

by on June 25, 2015

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DO put community before industry

The greatest thing about the vape community is that it exists. There are many ways to make money in different industries, but a community like ours is rare. Let’s foster our relationships and not let business get in the way of friendships.

DON’T assume that it’s okay to vape everywhere and anywhere

Yes, we know that it’s not smoke it’s vapor (INSIV). And yes, you are #NotBlowingSmoke. Some people still don’t understand that and blowing a huge cloud won’t help. Educate don’t offend. Just be respectful.

DO recommend vaping to current smokers

We all would prefer that our smoker friends and family switch to vaping. Educate them and lead the way.

DON’T be pushy towards smokers

No one likes to be told what to do. Be understanding. People move at their own pace. Vaping is much more helpful for people who are ready to quit.

DO ask first and use your own drip tip when trying someone else’s vape

Have you ever had someone try your vape without asking? It’s even more awkward if they use your drip tip.

DON’T let your lips or facial hair touch the rest of someone else’s atty

It’s smart to use your own drip tip when using someone else’s vape, but letting your lips touch the atty defeats the purpose. You with the shorty drip tip and lumberjack beard, you know who you are!

DO know which way the wind is blowing

The amount of vapor we can produce is amazing, but not for bystanders. Even if you aren’t trying to blow vapor towards others, the wind may still carry it. Just be mindful, and know when to stealth vape.

DON’T blow a cloud into a crowd

If you’re at a vape meet and everyone is vaping, then okay. If you’re in front of a restaurant, it’s not okay.

DO keep vapor products out of the reach of children

Some kids know how to open child-proof caps. We know not to drink our eliquid but some kids may not. If you are a parent, educate your kids about the dangers of ingesting eliquid. Better yet, keep it out of sight.

DON’T vape around kids

We know you aren’t trying to look cool, but you might look cool to some impressionable kid. We aren’t trying to promote vaping to kids, we are trying to promote vaping to smokers.

DO ask before vaping in someone else’s car or home

You should always ask before vaping in someone’s car or home. If you’re with another vaper, don’t assume they vape everywhere and anywhere. Ask first.

DON’T vape around pregnant women

Yes, we have read the studies about the relative safety of the exhaled vapor. It doesn’t mean it won’t worry soon-to-be parents and pregnant women. Just be considerate.

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  • Myk
    June 25, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Self-impose a vaping ban to treat vaping just like smoking? What have we been fighting for all these years? So I have to smoke outside at my sister’s because although she allows me to vape in her house I can’t smoke in there? What kind of sense does that make?
    Simpler list that’s probably not as good of click bait, “Be Respectful” which your list isn’t. It’s more like “be self-loathing”.


    • June 25, 2015 at 11:29 pm

      The coolest thing about a blog is that it can be updated & changed. Nothing is set in stone.

      Changes made based on recommendations from the vape community. Things can be said a bit nicer though. Not everyone is trying to attack vaping. We sure aren’t here at VaperVision.


      • Myk
        June 26, 2015 at 1:44 am

        Sorry, just had a big long argument on this that went nowhere (and many similar through the years). I fight use bans because they leave me no other option but to smoke at least part time, and I want that to be my choice.


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