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Walrus by Must Vape

by on June 14, 2015
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Walrus by Must Vape

A mix of Strawberries and Watermelon with a refreshing mint finish”

Bottle Design & Label Info (4/10)

The Must Vape bottle design uses a vintage font with damask patterns in the background for an exquisite look. Nicotine levels are printed on the bottom right corner in dark bold lettering. The warning label is printed on the bottle in very fine print, and the bottles are child-proof for protection against accidental child use. The labels are well-made because the colors and ink of the label do not bleed through when wet. The only negatives with the label are that, they do not display the VG/PG ratio, bottle size, the born date and the bottle does not come in a plastic seal.

Initial Impression/Aroma (8/10)

The balanced use of a minty watermelon is very appealing to those who enjoy a refreshing fruitful taste. The aroma at first whiff is very strong and minty with a bold “in-your-face” watermelon and strawberry scent. Your first inhale is minty but as you let this flavor attach to your taste buds and exhale, you can really taste the watermelon and strawberry. To those who do not have the taste for fruity flavors, you may still want to give this a chance – after a few moments you will quickly notice that it has a very soothing and comforting taste that will have you eagerly hankering for more.

Flavor Accuracy (10/10)

“Walrus is a fruity blend of harmonious and unique flavors that will refresh and enliven your vaping experience. Crisp strawberries and watermelon with cool mint all blend to be your new favorite e juice. This aromatically smooth and bright liquid will entice your senses and keep your taste buds wanting more.” This flavor is fairly accurate to the online description of Must Vape E-liquids. Overall it has a relaxing fruitful taste with multiple undertones of minty watermelon and a fresh enhancement of strawberry.

Flavor Complexity (3/5)

It is mildly complex due to the fact that it has 2 fruity flavors with a hint of mint, yet still stays subtle in taste.

Flavor Depth (5/5)

Walrus by Must Vape does change in flavor as you vape it. You will be able to distinguish between minty watermelon and strawberry undertones as you vape throughout the day.

Flavor Balance (5/5)

There’s a great balance of watermelon that isn’t harsh on the throat compared to other watermelon e-liquids with a perfect strawberry aroma and refreshing mint taste. 

Overall Impression (5/5)

Amazing all day vape flavors. Sweet/subtle and its initial and lasting impressions stay the same throughout long vaping sessions. Perfect for people that enjoy flavors that aren’t too sweet yet refreshing with the enhancement of mint. Overall, great experience and will surely find its way to your favorites list.

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